Lendi Travel is proud to offer distinctive custom itineraries to help you experience the variety of cultures in this diverse region, with its unique customs, houses, languages and religion.
The north of Sudan, the land of Nubia, is our new exciting destination. Mother Nature and ancient civilizations together have crafted a magical, inspiring place like no other. While other global destinations march toward homogenization, Nubia inches along on its own timeless path. This will be an adventure like no other.
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Kassala, town, eastern Sudan near the Eritrean border. Founded in 1834 as an Egyptian garrison, it was occupied by the Mahdist (1885ñ94) and briefly by the Italians (1940ñ41). Kassala is built on the inland delta of the seasonal Gash River at an elevation of 1,624 feet (495 meters) and is protected to the east and south by the Kassala and Mokram mountains. The town has declined as a cotton center but has an extensive market trade and fruit gardens. It is linked by road, railway, and air to Sudanís capital, Khartoum and to Port Sudan the countryís principal port.

Kassala is a home for some very interesting ethnic groups as Beni Amer, Hadendawa, Rashaida beside Tigre and other different groups.


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