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Archaeological Sites of the...

The Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe, a semi-desert landscape between the Nile and Atbara rivers, was the heartland of the Kingdom of Kush, a major power from the 8th century B.C. to the 4th century A.D.


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The Grand Nile, Ancient Nubia...

On this exciting tour, using the best 4x4 cars Toyota land cruisers , on a well organized itinerary route , we visit all the archaeological sites in the north ,combined with the mystic deserts ,the beautiful and stunning Nubian villages , the most...


About Lendi Travel

Waleed Arafat Lendi Travel LTD CO is a fully registered tourism company with the Sudanese commercial registrar with the number 31753 and licensed by the Sudanese ministry of Antique, tourism and wildlife. Lendi Travel founder Waleed Arafat has traveled extensively as a tour guide  throughout Nubia and the Nuba Mountains since 2003 and has established a personal relationship with the communities there, ensuring you unique personal contact with the people of both regions. At Lendi Travel our vision of responsible tourism includes learning the perspectives of local communities and sustaining the environment. Our informative tours will leave you enriched. The memories of Nubia will linger long after you return home. Why travel with us? We personally created and designed all our programs ,we lived every single detail of our programs ,having a long experience and listening to all notes of our travelers we always check and consider what could be better to enrich the life of your programs . We are all open mind and heart to discuss, view and listen to all your ideas crafting you an itinerary that meets all your interest and style. Our tour leaders are experienced guides, with deep knowledge and appreciation for the lands they are showing you. The direct involvement of our tour leaders organizing, leading and helping will all be dedicated to make sure your tour will be an extraordinary informative, well –executed, authentic and an amazing experience. Our vehicles are maintained to western standards, for our tours to the Nubia and other regions  we provide  four wheel drive vehicles (4X4 )  Toyota land cruisers, 2007 models and up, excellent and fully air conditioned. Our drivers are veterans and know the desert well, polite and hospitable, the team spirit and the harmony our crew enjoys will leave you in good hands. We provide high quality and comfortable camping equipments.   Special thanks to Robert Dvorak, Johnny Haglund and Dajman for the beautiful photos they shared with us. Join Lendi Travel on a magical tour of Nubia. Your holiday will feel like a dream. Welcome to Lendi Travel. Waleed Arafat. General Manager.



Lendi Travel Pacific prides itself on meeting and exceeding the expectations of our guests. We're always glad to hear what you think of our services and facilities, because we're always striving to improve!

  • Hallowes Adele

    Hallowes Adele / Aramco Saudi Arabia



    This is just to let you know that our recent trip to Sudan would not have been anything as good if we had not had you to show us around.  In fact very soon after meeting you we looked on you more as a friend than as a tour guide.  Good fun to be with as well as being extremely interesting and informative about all aspects of Sudan.  The fact of course that you speak such good English is always of prime importance to a visitor in a foreign country.  The friendliness of the people in Sudan too was very evident.

    I have always wanted to visit Sudan ever since I read "The Blue Nile" and "The White Nile" and to have actually been in Khartoum and have a boat trip to the confluence was fascinating, and of course to visit the famous Omdurman.  What a history Sudan has.

    We also loved visiting the Sixth Cataract of the Nile in such a beautiful green and mountainous setting, not to mention spending time at the temple complexes of Naqa and Musawarat.  These sites were made even more special by being off-road and having them to ourselves.

    In our four days in Sudan we had three spectacular sunsets - two on the Nile and the third one at the pyramids of Meroe.  It was a magical experience - sitting on a sand-dune each, quiet, spiritual with nobody else around to spoil the atmosphere.

    It is such a shame that most people associate Sudan with tragedy and suffering and therefore do not consider the country as a place to visit.
    This is not to deny that it very unfortunately DOES exist in certain areas, and the horror of it is all one ever hears about in the media. Similarly I have just come back from Kashmir and had the most wonderful time.  But with both places - on hearing where I was planning to go, the question was usually "Why would you want to go to Sudan" or "Why would you want to go to Kashmir?  Is it safe?"  The same thing applied to my own country, Ireland, during the troubled times there.

    Hallowes Adele
    Saudi Arabia


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