Lendi travel .LTD.CO is a leading full services tour operator based in Khartoum, Sudan, since 2007 .Specializing in small groups, safaris, family adventure vacations, honeymoon adventures, and personalized custom adventure travel.

Lendi travel founder Waleed Arafat has traveled extensively since 2003 as a tour leader throughout Nubia & the whole north of Sudan and has established a personal relationship with the communities there, ensuring you unique personal contact with the local people of this region.

The north of Sudan, the land of Nubia, is a new exciting destination. Mother Nature and ancient civilizations together have crafted a magical, inspiring place like no other. While other global destinations march toward homogenization, Nubia inches along on its own timeless path. This will be an adventure like no other.

Come and experience Egyptian and Nubian archeological sites, dazzling natural scenery, colorful markets, and a... +more

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Our Programs

  • Meroe Pyramids

    The Grand Nile, Ancient Nubia and Desert Secrets of Sudan

    13 Days Tour

    On this exciting tour, using the best 4x4 cars Toyota land cruisers , on a well organized itinerary route , we visit all the archaeological sites in the north ,combined with the mystic deserts ,the beautiful and stunning Nubian villages , the most spectacular Nile scenic’s and colorful local markets ,a full services &informative; tour enriched with communication to the local communities .

  • Nile Scene from Sesibi Village

    The grand Nile, Land of Kush

    9 Days Tour

    Explore the sites of ancient Kerma, Napata and Meroe on a beautiful respect to the chronology order, visiting most of the Nubian villages, camping in one of the most romantic desert sand dunes, using the best 4x4 cars Toyota land cruisers, experience staying in some of the beautiful Nubian houses.

  • Camel Riding Tour

    Camel riding adventure, Meroe Caravan, Across the island of Meroe

    9 Days Tour

    Enjoy a camel riding or trekking in a pure desert and remote area where there are no any signs of urban life, leaving you with Mother Nature and your inner peace, in a beautiful lands cape, sand valleys, series of mountains, following supposedly a part of an ancient trade route once might connected the ancient city of Naga and the holy one of Mussawarat Es Sufra with the deep desert of Butana area, reaching Meroe pyramids on the 5th day, an extraordinary tour.


Recent Compliments

Jesper Bisablle

Jesper Bisablle Owner & GM. Tawinbi Capital LTD (HK) & TC Development (TH)

" Before deciding on opening our company in Khartoum, Sudan we spent about 18 months going often to Sudan.  We met Waleed from Lendi Tourism early in that process.  His professional and friendly personality will undoubtedly help other..."

Hedda Hoyer

Hedda Hoyer Tour Leader

" Do you love to see wonderful monuments from the ancient Egypt, Napata and Meroe mostly alone, without groups?  Do you want to get in connection with other cultures and other people in little villages and little restaurants? Do you prefer..."

Johann Candelin

Johann Candelin Good will ambassador / FN. Representative

" I have visited over one hundred countries and I have never had such excellent services like this before. Good will ambassador. "

Robert Dvorak

Robert Dvorak Ethnologist

" Before coming to Africa I read about Lendi Travel on the internet. As all the references were very positive, I tried to call the director, Waleed, during my stay in Khartoum. Right after the first meeting I knew that this was the best contact..."

Jeffrey Gettleman

Jeffrey Gettleman The New York Times, East Africa bureau chief

" Waleed is one of the best fixers we have ever used. He’s smart and organized and he anticipates your every need. He knows tons about Sudan and all it takes is a quick conversation to get a sense of his passion for history and..."

Edmund Sanders

Edmund Sanders Los Angeles Times, Nairobi Bureau Chief

" I felt lucky to have had the chance to see some of the world's richest archeological ruins with an experienced, professional guide who brought history to life not only through his knowledge and expertise, but through an obvious passion..."

Astrid Gostner

Astrid Gostner

" "My friend Anita and I had the big luck to get to know Waleed Arafat in Khartoum. For five days he was our guide and led us to places we would have never found by our own. He showed us the old Khartoum as well as the new one and opened..."


Recent Blog

  • Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe

    Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe


    The Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe, a semi-desert landscape between the Nile and Atbara rivers, was the heartland of the Kingdom of Kush, a major power from the 8th century B.C. to the 4th century A.D.

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